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The AORTA System

What does AORTA deliver?

Digital Collaboration

Time-efficient collaboration between team members with a stake in acquiring Job Champions. (No more than 30 minutes online and no meetings).

Improved Applicant Tracking Systems

Focus of Applicant Tracking Systems on the Attributes important to Hiring Managers and other stakeholders.

Supersedes Position/Job Descriptions

Stakeholders' wisdom is pooled to supersede inadequate and outdated Position/Job Descriptions.

Speedy Delivery of Champions

Selection Grids, with defined and weighted Attributes, that keep recruiters focused on speedy delivery of Job Champions.

No more than 3 Interviews

No more than 3 Client Interviews for every Job Champion employed.

How does AORTA work?

The best way to find out how AORTA works is to Book a Call. One of our team will set up an AORTA Trial for you and your colleagues.

How AORTA Begins

The Key Stage for AORTA's success is the Recruitment Briefing.

The late great Stephen Covey said “Begin with the end in mind”.

With AORTA you will “Recruit with the End Defined”.

Strategic Recruiting

The AORTA System entails a similar strategic approach to talent acquisition to that used by Google. In a recent article Dr John Sullivan wrote that Google has a "People Analytics Team'.

The AORTA System is similar yet somewhat different to Google’s strategy. Instead of the wisdom of a People Analytics Team, AORTA uses Hiring Team wisdom; that of the Hiring Manager, their Senior Executive and any Job-specific Subject Specialists. This allows AORTA to be used by small business right through to the largest of multi-national companies and public service organisations.

AORTA assists Hiring Managers and other Stakeholders to contribute their wisdom to an algorithm that delivers precise job briefings.

Attribute Library

After gathering job data, the Recruiter's selects and, if necessary, modifies Attributes from AORTA’s Attribute Library. The recruiter or AORTA Administrator can also add Job-specific Performance Attributes (refer Lou Adler). This sets up AORTA for the Hiring Team to conduct their AORTA Analyses.

Individual Online Analyses

Each stakeholder conducts their own online AORTA Analysis. No meetings. Time-efficient (rarely more than 30 minutes) online analyses. AORTA can be used by stakeholders in different time zones and even with different languages.

Weighted Selection Grid

When all stakeholders have completed their AORTA analysis AORTA instantly compiles the AORTA-based Selection Grid and emails it to all stakeholders and the recruiter.

An AORTA Selection Grid is like manna from heaven for recruiters and sourcers.  Now the recruiter knows exactly what the Hiring Team needs recruiters and sourcers to find in Job Champions.

No more guessing. No more time wasting.

For more information on how to improve your recruitment process, book a call.

The Key Question:

How can Hiring Teams easily and speedily pool their wisdom to relay to recruiters the importance of attributes they need in Job Champions?

The Answer:

That’s what AORTA® has done since 1995.

The Key Deliverable:

Job Champions – On Time – Every Time