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Aorta for Recruiters

Who is the AORTA System for?


Third Party
  • AORTA is an opportunity for third party recruiters to bring a fresh approach to briefings. This differentiates them from competitors.

  • With AORTA you no longer need to be a Rocket Scientist to recruit Rocket Scientists; just capable of writing up Attributes after conversing with the Hiring Manager and adding them to AORTA. A competent recruiter can easily work outside their own field of experience.

  • It’s easy to set up Job-specific Performance Attributes and add them to your own AORTA Attribute Library.

  • Once your Hiring Manager and other Hiring Team members have conducted their own AORTA analyses AORTA instantly delivers a Selection Grid that will delight everyone – especially the recruiter and the sourcer.

  • Your AORTA Selection Grid will help you write precisely-targeted ads for publishing on social media or job boards.  Sourcers are better focused when compiling Boolean scripts to zero-in on sourcable candidates. Hence AORTA delivers fewer and better candidates. It's easier to recognise those to be advised that their application has lapsed. Compiling incisive behavioral-event and escalating scenario Interview Questionnaires becomes easier.

  • With AORTA you can deliver a one-page report showing why the top, say 3, candidates warrant being interviewed and why others need not be interviewed.

  • Basically an AORTA-based recruitment process is easier, time-efficient and delivers quality.

  • The pressures on Internal Recruiters are immense. AORTA will find time in ways that you thought were not practicable in your frenetically busy day.

  • Because the Hiring Manager and Senior Executive ‘Buy In’ by conducting their 30 minute AORTA Analyses you will find it easier to gain their input at the 'Decision to Hire' stage.

  • You will improve your ability to handle multiple assignments simultaneously.

  • The comments above (for Third Party Recruiters) all hold true for Internal Recruiters.

  • AORTA is proven Recruitment Process Improvement. Hence RP Outsourcing brings real benefits to clients and to RPO providers.

Executive Search
  • The sophistication embedded in the AORTA Attribute Titles and Descriptors lends enhanced credibility to Executive Search Consulting.

  • The AORTA process brings clarity to clients in inventive ways.  “Ah Ha” moments delight everyone.


Candidates whose credentials have been assessed through the AORTA System have often become clients; even those who were not appointed to the job for which they applied.

Candidate feedback:
  • I didn’t see the ad at first but a friend emailed it to me and I agreed that it was me to a tee.

  • The recruitment system that the company used was so clear and speedy that it impressed on me that the company was going to be a very responsive and employee-oriented organisation to work for.

The Key Question:

How can Hiring Teams easily and speedily pool their wisdom to relay to recruiters the importance of attributes they need in Job Champions?

The Answer:

That’s what AORTA® has done since 1995.

The Key Deliverable:

Job Champions – On Time – Every Time