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AORTA® is an easy-to-use recruitment system that gives stakeholders the tools to improve talent acquisition processes.

"An (AORTA) Stitch in Time Saves Nine"

What does AORTA deliver?

WHAT does AORTA deliver?

AORTA delivers a tried and tested method for recruiters to acquire champions for their business.


How does AORTA work?

HOW does AORTA work?

AORTA automatically pools the collective wisdom of all stakeholders to focus Talent Acquisition on sourcing Job Champions.


Who is the AORTA system for?

WHO is AORTA for?

AORTA can be used by any organisation wanting to improve talent acquisition - small businesses and large multi-national companies and organisations.



For 18 years, from July 1995 until November 2013, Alpha Omega successfully used AORTA® on spreadsheet platforms to recruit at all levels.

AORTA® is now available to everyone online at any time to suit you.

In less than 30 minutes AORTA Stakeholders can use AORTA to generate their own precisely-defined and weighted Job Profile. AORTA automatically combines individual profiles and delivers a team’s Selection Grid of their Key Attributes, complete with weightings.

An AORTA Selection Grid is a powerful tool. Recruiters are focused on exactly which Attributes the Recruitment Team is to find in Champion Candidates. No guessing, No time wasting.

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The Key Question:

How can Hiring Teams easily and speedily pool their wisdom to relay to recruiters the importance of attributes they need in Job Champions?

The Answer:

That’s what AORTA® has done since 1995.

The Key Deliverable:

Job Champions – On Time – Every Time

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